3 Steps to a New Kitchen

Step 1 – The Visit

Do you have your kitchen plans fully drawn up? Do you know precisely what you want? Or do you have nothing but the vaguest of ideas? Whatever stage you’re at, we encourage you to come by, meet the team and discuss your options to see what will suit you best.

If you’re looking for inspiration, or you’d simply like to experience how we work for yourself, why not pay a visit? View our current projects on the factory floor, look at the products in our showroom and see first-hand which materials and styles will suit you best. Allow us to inspire you!

Step 2 – The Build

We like to involve our customers in the build process from start to finish. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to view your new kitchen as it’s being created it is our priority to make sure your specifications are met at every step along the way.

We know how important timing is and pride ourselves on our ability to make sure that all commissions proceed smoothly and to deadline. To this end, we’ll assign one of our experienced joiners to oversee your project from its initial conception to the last moment of installation.

Throughout the build, we welcome progress visits to the factory as well as a final check on the completion prior to installation. This allows you to see first-hand how your joinery is developing, to voice any additional desires and to ensure that the build meets your expectations.

Step 3 – The Finish

At Cutting Edge Kitchens, we install all our own projects. This means that our high standard of workmanship is maintained right throughout the commission – and it also guarantees your entitlement to our five-year warranty on labour and hardware.

We believe that no project is finished until everyone involved is completely satisfied with the results, so you can be sure that we’ll meet any concerns head-on with a positive and proactive approach.

Got questions after the installation? We provide after-sales service too. Once your joinery is completed, you’ll receive your care kit, which provides recommendations for product care and answers to frequently asked questions. And of course, you can always speak to one of our in-house specialists for instant personalised assistance!

Take The Next Step Today!

At Cutting Edge Kitchens, we believe that the kitchen is the hub of the household. Why not make your kitchen a place you love to spend time in – not just to cook in?

If you’d like to talk to an expert about kitchen design and installation, or you want more information about what you’ve read here today, we welcome all inquiries. You can reach us over the phone and via our website’s ‘Contact Us’ page.

A visit to our on-site showroom is also highly recommended: you can view our products, speak to our team, and gain inspiration firsthand. Please note that showroom visits are by appointment only; this allows us to have a staff member present at all times to answer your questions.

Cutting Edge Kitchens is all about inspiration, quality, efficiency and excellent service. We look forward to assisting you with your next project!